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Why was there no oversight of the actions of Kevin Padrick, Obsidian Finance Group in the Summit 1031 Bankruptcy? Why did Judge Randall Dunn answer only to himself? Research Kevin Padrick and the Summit 1031 Bankruptcy Yourself, Dig Deep.

Look Deep into the Corruption I am exposing as this affects your Tax Dollars. Your paying for Bankruptcy Courts to conspire with Bankruptcy Trustees and squash the rights of victims.

Let's Take A Look Some More into the Summit Bankruptcy

Why did insider Stephanie Deyoung initiate her own FBI Interview

Bankruptcy Abuse Protection Act? What a Joke.

Why Stephanie Deyoung, and others dropped the Objection to the Fees

Was there any Notable Anti-Trust Violations in these Videos ?
Remember, Kevin Padrick, Obsidian Finance Group is in the far right. Kevin D. Padrick was hired to advise Summit, to provide a plan of reorganization and was under signed contract with Summit to do so.  Obsidian Finance Group was given $100,000 and took the spreadsheets, books, asset information, and more from the Summit Principals, owners, and Obsidian Finance Group, then used this information to get Kevin Padrick the job as the Bankruptcy Trustee which paid, allegedly around 6.2 Million Dollars more then the consultant job.  Also note, last I looked in January of 2012, the Summit Bankruptcy was still open, this means the "Victims" aKa Exchangers, Creditors, Investors were still paying Kevin Padrick as of that time.

Where did Obsidian Go ?

Kevin Padrick Getting the Trustee Job

Also Listen to the Audio where Judge Randall Dunn pushes for "Obsidian" to be Trustee

Why did Kevin Padrick Really Reject Legitimate Offers?

Who is Annie Buell, as Interviewed by the New York Times, in Relationship to the Summit Bankruptcy Scandal.

Check Out Summit Principal Mark Neuman's Depostion in the Summit Bankruptcy Case

In the Summer of 2011, after the Obsidian V. Cox Lawsuit was filed, Homestreet bank accused Kevin Padrick of Obsidian Finance Group for similar conflicts of interest, ethics violations and over billing. This was similar and some the very same issues as the Summit Insiders had with Kevin Padrick and Obsidian Finance Group, in their Objection to the Fees Filed.

Here is the Homestreet Bank Washington Objection to the Fees, Regarding Washington Company Yarrowbay and the Cascadia Project LLC.

Her is the Summit Bankruptcy Objection to the Fees of Tonkon Torp and Kevin Padrick, Obsidian Finance Group ( Keep in mind that Jeff Manning, Advanced Publication "the Oregonian" of Portland Oregon seemed to protect Kevin Padrick in the Media this whole time )

Kevin Padrick Response to Objection to Fees

Exhibit F of the Objection to the Fees, Kevin Padrick, Tonkon Torp, Obsidian Finance

Transcripts from Obsidian V. Cox Trial in Portland Oregon Nov. 29th 2011, where Blogger Crystal Cox asks very important questions under Oath to the Obsidian Finance Group Executives

David Aman, Tonkon Torp Attorney Portland was involved in the Summit Bankruptcy, and yet in a Conflict of Interest represented Obsidian Finance Group and Kevin Padrick in suing an Investigative Blogger that was getting the Summit Story heard.

David Aman, Tonkon Torp was an insider to the alleged corruption I was trying to get found in the search engines, yet in a conflict of interest is still harassing me to STOP the flow of information to the public regarding a very public issue, the U.S. Bankruptcy Courts.

A Few More Links Regarding David Aman and the Summit Bankruptcy

David Aman Check Your Facts

David Aman Communications

David Aman was involved in the harassment to get the infamous meeting videos off the internet

Here are the Videos on my Kevin Padrick YouTube Channel

David Aman, Tonk Torp Lawyer Deposed Summit Whistle Blower Stephanie DeYoung years before he was the Plaintiff's Attorney in Obsidian V. Cox, David S. Aman Portland, knew full well where the information was coming from and what the motive of Blogger Crystal Cox was and is. Yet David Aman did not contact me until more then 16 months later, when David Aman threatened to sue me in December of 2010.

Obsidian Finance Contract with Summit, Signed by Patricia Whittington for Kevin Padrick, both of Obsidian Finance Group Portland Oregon

More Kevin Padrick Pattern and History

Please note that the Jury only had one witness to go by in Obsidian V. Cox to allegedly prove the blog post was false, and this man, Gary S. used to work with Arthur Anderson, whom is being sued for Millions, and is under investigation by the FBI, SEC, DOJ and more regarding the stolen iViewit Technology, in which this same Investigative Blogger, Crystal Cox has been roaring about for years.

I was not allowed to admit any EVIDENCE into the trial to prove the post was true.  The one piece of Evidence I did get in, the Summit Contract, you can see in the Transcripts that Judge Marco Hernandez asked the Plaintiff's Attorney if he wanted to Object. I was Pro Se, this my first Trial and Judge Hernandez never asked if I wanted to object to anything.

Want any documents, audios, videos, proof? Can't find it on my sites? email me at or

More Research Regarding the Summit Bankruptcy Scandal

"Thing is there is no such thing as a response to a response to an objection to fees, but Kevin Padrick can get away with this in Judge Randall Dunn’s courtroom. By the way, if you have a problem with Judge Randall Dunn, you get to take that problem the the Bankruptcy Appellate Panel. Who is on that panel? Well, Judge Randall Dunn himself. So the Judge gets to monitor himself…WOW Really good checks and balance system, don’t you think?"


Open Letter to the Department of Justice

Summit Bankruptcy Attorney Connections

I am Dedicated to Exposing Bankruptcy Corruption in the US Justice System

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Bankruptcy Corruption in the Petters Bankruptcy

Coming Soon Lot's More on Tonkon Torp and the Enron Bankruptcy, got a tip?  or

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